Welcome to Cabal Luminous

    EP8 Mix EP24 Updates

    Anti DDoS and Game Guard Activated

    Guaranteed 24/7 Up time no lags & Delay


Website: Cabal-luminous.com

Group: https://web.facebook.com/groups/427197161273216/

Page: https://web.facebook.com/MMORPG1100/


Server Features:

- High Rate EXP and Skill EXP

- Medium - High Drops

- Episode 8 to Episode 23 content

- New Dungeons up to Holy Windmill

- New Faces and Hairs

- New item Designs

- Pirate Metal and Pirate Weapon available

- Instant Class Rank 20

- Auto Retarget

- Free Mithril Starting set

- Free BM3

- Free Rare Mercenary

- Blessing beads plus on T-point shop

- Free Ecoins via Vote

- Gametime to E-coins conversion

- Daily Goal system

- Balance Class

- Active Staffs

- Extreme upgrade activated.

- Active Nation war (60v60)

- Server side Cloudbric Anti-DDoS activated

- Ahnlab GameGuard activated

Added November 23, 2019 by BlazeDex

Holiday is comming! Happy Trick or treat guys!

Added October 22, 2019 by BlazeDex

We are pleased to announce that Cabal Luminous is officially launched.

Upon hardword and dedication we managed to make this game balance to both Donators and Non-donators! We are making sure every players will enjoy a balance and both play-to-win and pay-to-win gameplay.

Added October 10, 2019 by BlazeDex

You can gain 10 Ecoins every hours of online or afk in-game. You can gain x2 while you are vending.

Added October 10, 2019 by BlazeDex